Getting Your Back to Feel Great

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Getting Your Back to Feel Great

Comments Off on Getting Your Back to Feel Great 24 September 2013

There are so many articles out there giving advice, voicing opinions, and suggesting different ways of doing things, and yes- this is one of those articles. If you’re a human (and if you’re reading this right now you should be a human, otherwise, congratulations for being whatever you’re being and happening upon the Internet) you probably have a back and have most likely experienced back pain, soreness, or just strain. So, humans (and the occasional non-human with a back who might be reading this) this article is for you. Here are some tips on how to get your back to feel great.

Work out. True, this tip can apply to your body in general, but that’s why I’m including it. This tip should be featured on every “getting your (insert anything here) to feel great.” Thinking about working out can be daunting, especially if you’re out of shape like I am, but the beauty of working out is that (despite what others may tell you) you don’t need to have a super strict or extremely intense workout routine. Just be active. Find a type of exercise that works best for you (I enjoy swimming because running hurts me) and do it a few times a week. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard, but do try to make small goals for yourself. You can even start your efforts by taking the stairs instead if the elevator whenever possible and walking at a faster pace than you usually would during your normal daily activities.

Go to the chiropractor. Sometimes what we can do on our own just isn’t enough, and we need some extra help. That’s okay, that’s what the healthcare profession (and a bunch of other professions, really) is here for. What’s great about chiropractors specifically is that they work with the premise that the body does a pretty great job at healing itself without surgery or drugs. So, they’re a great place to start and you don’t have to worry about just being pushed out the door with no answers and a prescription in your hand. For more information on chiropractic, check out Coconut Creek Chiropractic Care.

Take time to relax. Stress and over exertion are terrible for your back. When you’re stressed, your muscles tense up and can get tight and knotted. Over exertion can lead to stress, and can even injure your back which can be hard to recover from.

Marry a husband who doesn’t mind massaging your back. Okay, so this one’s very specific to me (as a heterosexual woman who believes in matrimony) but a variation of this could apply to everyone. Find a friend, a spouse, a significant other, a sibling, or a masseuse at the very least, to massage your back. This will definitely help your back to feel great.

So, take all of that advice and do what you will with it. Seriously though, get a massage.

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