How Social Media and SEO Marketing Can Grow Your Company


How Social Media and SEO Marketing Can Grow Your Company

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Although content is still king when it comes to search engine optimization, there are many other small ways you can increase the rankings of your website dramatically. You may be aware of a few of these simple techniques, but are you properly utilizing them in your website’s design. Utilizing professional OrangeSoda SEO packages can have you climbing up the organic search results and gaining more loyal visitors in a short time.

We are in the midst of social media becoming one of the greatest ways to reach potential targeted customers. If you understand how social media works, you can use the power of those websites to get the word out about your business without even lifting a finger. Here is how this technique works. You must first have a social presence at Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. You will then be utilizing a free plugin so that at the bottom of each post on your website are small little buttons that give readers the ability to Tweet, or post your information to their walls. The way to accomplish this successfully is very simple, you have to create content that is worthy of your readers wanting to spread the word without being prompted to. If you create unique content that is engaging to the readers, they will want to share that information on Pinterest, Facebook and all the other social media giants. The more those articles are posted on the social media sites, the more the search engines will recognize this content is worthy of moving up in the organic search results.

OrangeSoda SEO packages can have amazing results getting you recognized by having trusted websites linking to your content. You can set up link exchanges with companies who are in your related field, and the benefit to both of your businesses is huge. You gain a high authority web link and they gain the exposure to new clients that may or may not be aware of services they offer. The key here is to not link with companies who offer the same products or services or you will risk losing business. Link with companies who are in a similar niche but offer different products. A dog grooming website selling grooming products is unlikely to have the same products as a website selling information on potty training a puppy.

Be aware of the word count in your articles. Reader not only have a very short attention span and want information quickly, but they scan articles for information and rarely ready every word in the articles. Keep the content around 300 words and break it up into paragraphs with headers for each section. This will ensure they scroll through all the content to the bottom of the page.

One of the most overlooked features of a properly search engine optimized website is the use of the sitemap. OrangeSoda SEO packages show you how the sitemap is the not only how visitors can identify all your content on one page, it is something the search engine spiders will crawl your website looking for. If they do not find the sitemap, it can hurt your overall ranking. Take the time to add a simple sitemap to your website today.

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