Fast Shaving With Care Like a Professional


Fast Shaving With Care Like a Professional

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When it comes to grooming, sometimes men take it a little too far with the grungy look, and women don’t like it when a man smells worse than her animal. Smelling bad and having bad body odour has much to do with the amount of hair on your body. For example, if you were a very hairy person and you hate shaving, chances are you are going to smell worse than another man who decided to shave their body clean.

The art of shaving should not be complicated, and with a set routine that has every important part of your body in it, shaving should be no hassle and will be done in steps in the shower. First, shaving the arm pits daily will cause itchiness in most people, but the skin is used to getting stronger in time with every shave, so gradually increasing shaving from once every week to once every day in the shower should become a daily routine until the end of your life. Having to shave your face comes as a necessity depending on how the average persons day job is. Working at a bank requires men to shave every day, keeping their skin immune to the razor blade or whatever machine they decide to use to perform the art of shaving.

Being a professional shaver has everything to do with patience. A hasty hand can result in many injuries that will leave a mean looking scar, and an unstoppable blood trail in most cases. Blood trails are caused mainly by shaving too fast, and with shaving fast comes another problem that no one wants, acne. Having a huge area of your cheek and chin covered with red dots is the last thing you want after getting a clean shave. Using aftershave will only save people with tough skin, leaving anyone with sensitive skin as an easy target for all kinds of red spots.

The art of being a professional at shaving is continuously advancing leaving newer generations more equipped and ready than the old timers who dedicated their chins to learn step by step how to get rid of all the hair covering our faces. Rarely do you see a person looking forward through a lot of cuts and pains for their beard to grow, until it was a teenager unaware of what is to come in his future years. Shaving should be done routinely with special care as an art to prevent accidents from occurring while keeping your face clean and clear. After the shaving process is complete and the razor is put aside, rinsing your face with cold water to ease up your pores should leave it feeling healthy and strong, keeping away any unwanted red spots that may turn to acne which is my and most people I know’s worst nightmare.

Shaving should be done routinely once every other day toward one main area to keep your body smelling fresh and clean and invite all the women to a smooth feeling surface.

Getting a Closer Shave


Getting a Closer Shave

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Getting a close shave will make a man feel fresh and clean, as does a shave at a King of Prussia barber. It will also make him look like he cares about his skin. He can make the shaving process an easier one and have a better experience by following some simple shaving tips. Smooth skin will give any man a closer and smoother shave.

The first step is to start out with hydrated skin. If he isn’t shaving in the shower, he needs to splash his face with warm water for three minutes to get it soft enough for the shave. The face should be clean and any excess dirt and oil should be removed. A scrub cleanser can be used to rid the skin of dead skin cells for a cleaner shave. A cleaner face will prevent nicks. The ideal way to shave is with a shave gel or cream. This prevents irritation from the razor, and also keeps razor burn at bay. Men with sensitive skin should let the gel or cream set for a couple of minutes before they starts to shave.

Clean razors should be used every time, or one that is still sharp and has been cleaned of all hair. Razors with multiple blades will give a better and closer shave. Pivoting heads offer a cleaner shave, as do spring mounted blades. Using a dull blade or a razor that belongs to someone else will cause many different problems, especially if there are nicks and cuts. Men should never use a razor that someone else has used. While going with the grain, light strokes should be used, as this is the best way to reach all of the hair. Putting pressure on the blade isn’t necessary to get a closer shave, as this will simply cause more cuts. The skin may need to be pulled taut in order to shave all of the hair in a certain area. The blades should be rinsed frequently to remove the hair and shaving cream from the blades, or this could cause more nicks.

To achieve a closer shave on hard to reach places on the face, the blade may need to be drawn against the grain of the growth of the hair. These are sometimes sensitive areas, so caution should be used. The nose is an area that is easily cut because of the inability to reach the hair underneath. These hard to reach places should be done last, after the rest of the face has been shaved. After the shaving process is finished, the face should be rinsed with cool water. This process seals the pores and will prevent any irritation that comes with shaving. After the skin is thoroughly dried, after shave lotion can be applied. These products work to condition the newly shaved skin and will prevent irritation, and they usually smell good. They moisturize the skin as well. Sometimes they are medicated and will prevent ingrown hairs.

Great Tips From the Art of Shaving


Great Tips From the Art of Shaving

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When it comes to shaving, there are a few things that an individual needs to keep in mind to get the best shave. The art of shaving is something that is not done the first time. An individual will have many opportunities throughout their lifetime to perfect the art. One of the great things about this is that there is a level of creativity to shaving.

Here are some great tips from the Art of Shaving:

Tip #1 Get A Shave Kit: A shave kit comes with all the essential that an electric shaver would be lacking. Some people think that an electric shaver is all that is needed. However, there are other accessories that can make a person’s shaving experience more pleasant. These shaving tools include:

  • Shave Brush
  • Exfoliant Soap
  • Shaver
  • Shaving Stand

Tip #2 Wet Facial Hair: Facial hair is easier to shave when it has been dampened. Wet facial hair will also lead to a better shave, and there are less chances of it causing razor burn.

Tip #3 Keep The Blade Sharp: This is a tip of the utmost importance. A person should never try to shave with a dull blade because this can lead to cuts and ingrown hairs. One of the signs that a blade is dull is when it starts to pull at a person’s facial hair while shaving. When this happens, it would be best if the individual bought a new razor blade, or they sharpened their existing razor blade. Either way, an individual should never use a dull razor blade.

Tip #4 Shave With The Grain: When a person is shaving, one of the things that they should be doing is shaving with the grain. Granted, this might not give as close of a shave, but it will help an individual to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs. Also, ensure that their hair does not grow back awkwardly.

Tip #5 About The Shave Brush: One of the great advantages of a shave brush is that it allows an individual the chance to shave their facial hair. Another one of the things that this brush can do is it can help to remove the dead skin cells. These are all things that are going to lead to a better looking shave.

Shaving is an art that, if done well, can make life a lot easier. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to shaving to do it more efficiently. Anyone who wants a better shave should take the time to learn different methods and find what works the best for them. A good shave can lead to unique looking facial hair.


Shaving, technology

Growth in Shaving Technology

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Grooming is apart of every mans life, no matter what their style of choice or profession may be. Men who choose the clean shaven look nowadays have a variety of great and effective ways to stay well groomed. Cuts and complications are a lot less likely to happen now as the technology used in shaving products has grown substantially. Gone are the days where men needed to use old fashioned razors that needed a razor strop in order to stay sharp. There are many different ways in today’s time that men can use to get a nice clean, close shave. These varieties include clippers, disposable razors, and electric razors.

Clippers are just one of the ways that men can use today to get a shave. They certainly aren’t the best option as most clippers are designed for hair cuts or just general hair maintenance and not shaving; however, they can get the job done when you have no other means. One advantage that the clippers offer is that it is nearly impossible to cut yourself. This however comes with the tradeoff of maybe not getting the closest shave. Because of this reason, you also do not require any shaving cream or protective products. So if you are looking for a nice quick shave, and maybe not the best shave, then clippers are the best option.

Another common way that you can keep shaven is to use disposable razors. These can give a nice close, neat shave when used correctly but they also come with the highest chance of causing cuts. For this reason, you must make sure to use shaving cream or something similar every time that you shave and you must be moderately skilled with the razor. Also make sure to not overuse razors. Razors that become dull have an increased chance of causing cuts. Disposable razors will usually last you through a few uses until they should be thrown out.

Finally there are electric razors. Quite popular nowadays and with good reason as this is the best method that you can use to shave. Electric razors are special because they offer the best of both worlds. That is, they can give you a very nice, clean and smooth shave while at the same time having no risk of cuts. Electric razors are the best of the best and will remain the gold standard in shaving for the foreseeable future.

As you can see, there has certainly been much growth in the world of shaving. Men can now stay well groomed in a variety of different ways and are free to choose the best product based on their specific style. Clippers, disposable and electric razors are a few of the products that can be used to keep shaven and these products will grow as technology grows.

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