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Drones on American Soil

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The recent spying with the use of drones in the states of Nebraska and Iowa signify just the tip of a much greater iceberg. One has to speculate what is going through the governments mind. Could it be that their long-term strategy is to disable our nation’s capacity to raise cattle and crops to support our people? In that case we would be at the mercy of foreign markets to sustain our population. It does us well to remember the saying that he who controls the food supply passably dominates the people.

The EPA is now employing aerial drones within the states of Nebraska and Iowa to spy upon the farmers. Now that the courts have concluded that this is a legal activity for our government we are abruptly observing these flying drones in all parts of the nation. According to the Supreme Court it is perfectly legal for the drones to take aerial photographs of any location they so choose all in the name of environmental protection and public safety. Unfortunately, like any authority granted to the government they have exceeded and transgressed their bounds once again.

In all reality, according to the tenth Amendment to our American constitution the intrusion of the federal government into affairs concerning the environment is afforded to the individual states alone. This amendment became part of the Bill of Rights upon its ratified in December of 1791. In short, it asserts that those powers not expressly granted to the federal government nor those prohibited for the separate states constitutionally are uniquely reserved for the people and the states. What this amounts to is the federal government is once again circumventing our constitutional rights.

When introducing the Tenth Amendment to Congress, statesmen James Madison expressed concern that many of the states representatives were readily willing to ratify the amendment however the critics began to cry foul and argued that the amendment was unnecessary. Fortunately for us Madison won. It sure seems like Madison hit upon a truism in his wisdom that the federal government would overstep their authority. The basic concept here is that “all is retained which has not been surrendered”.

Of interest here we encounter an issue where our federal government has exerted a strong hand on the farmer dating back to 1942. On that date the Wickard v. Filburn case was presented before the court. In this instance the Court ruled that there was just cause for federal regulations of America’s wheat production and the banning of “home consumption” of this product for growing and feeding to the farmer’s cattle. The rationale for this concern by the feds was that the farmer’s growing “his own wheat” would have a cumulative consequence upon the interstate commerce in view of the prospective potential for the farmer to exceed their established production quotas. If a significant amount of that wheat were not sold on the commodities market nor bought from other producers it would drastically affect the interstate market value of wheat sales and its products.

We have now seen how the tenth Amendment has asserted that the authority for such actions is solely granted to the individual states and their legislatures and not to the federal government. Unfortunately, we are in the initial stages of an epidemic of federal spy drones being launch across the nation with an aim towards spying upon our farmers. We see the police departments in Miami purchasing dozens of drones to populate their skies on a 24 hour basis. Is this action prompt by the desire to fight crime or to spy upon the Florida farmers as they attempt to make a living?

In their efforts to harm the American farmer the EPA has even declared hay to be a pollutant in order to intimidate the ranchers in some states, while it has been reported that a meat packing plant in the Midwest has received a $600,000.00 fine for alleged excessive carbon emissions. It certainly appears that if the federal government can not control you in one way they will get you in another manner.

Let’s all remember it is not a long stretch of ones imagination to go from spying on cattle to that of spying upon the people. We as responsible citizens must fight these drones in a court of law. As a closing thought perhaps the EPA should stop and consider their Chem-trail spraying. I really don’t suspect that they will address this issue in the not to distant future. These chemicals have been deemed to be very toxic and extremely dangerous but nothing is being done about them. Folks it is time to take back America. Let’s hope it’ll be by way of the ballot box and not via the street.

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