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Five Conditions Treated By Oral Surgery

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There are several health and tooth-related conditions which require the use of oral surgery in order to treat them. All of these surgeries are conducted by skilled dental practitioners. If you’re suffering any of the following five health conditions, you should make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

  • Impacted wisdom teeth or any other impacted teeth
  • The loss of an adult tooth
  • Problems relating to the teeth and jaw
  • Facial injuries
  • Facial infections

Wisdom teeth are a vestigial feature of human anatomy. They are no longer needed to perform their original function, and, therefore, the human jaw has gotten smaller over time, which means there usually isn’t room for someone’s wisdom teeth. Since there is no room, these teeth become impacted. Impacted teeth occur when new teeth come in that are not aligned properly with the rest of the neighboring teeth. They cannot fully emerge from the gum line because another tooth is in the way. An impacted tooth can cause infection, pain, and swelling. They must be removed by means of dental surgery.

When an adult tooth is lost due to accident or infection, modern dentistry has provided a replacement. Dental implants are installed in place of these lost teeth. Dentists surgically anchor titanium root substitutes to a patient’s jaw. Connected to the substitute root is a false tooth, or dental implant, made from ceramic and porcelain, shaped to perfectly resemble the missing tooth. Once installed, these implants look and feel like natural teeth and require the same care.

Dental surgery is required to fix jaw-related problems such as unequal jaw growth, irregularities of the jaw which cause problems for dentures, and TMJ disorder. For unequal jaw growth, jaw misalignment is corrected by moving the upper or lower jaw into proper place. Similar surgeries might be undertaken before the fitting of dentures. TMJ is a condition in which the joint connecting the jaws, below the ear, is dysfunctional. Dental surgery can be used to correct this dysfunction when other methods have failed.

Dental surgery can also be used to repair broken bones of the face, as well as fractured jaws. Intense swelling and pain in the face, jaw line, or neck often indicates infection. Dental surgery is used to cut into the infected area in order to drain it, or else remove a diseased tooth or any other cause of infection.

The preceding paragraphs explain five health conditions commonly treated by oral surgery. If you’re living in the Fresno area of California, and you or a loved one suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions, you need to search for Visalia oral surgery. You need to make an appointment with your dentist immediately. The sooner you act, the sooner dental surgery can give you back your smile.

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