How to Plan a Wedding

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How to Plan a Wedding

Every little girl dreams of the day she gets married. A day where the excitement and joy of it all thrills her. So when the time arrives for dreams to become a reality, the task can be overwhelming. With a little guidance, this large chore will easily return to the land of fun and dreams.

First things first, establish a wedding budget and designate how much money you want for each expense. You will need to consider that there are venue, food, beverage, flower, dress, tux, invitation, photos, favors and many other costs. There is no set rule as to how much you need to spend on any item, it is completely a matter of preference. However, once you set the budget do your best to stick to it. Making a budget and then sticking to it, will make those difficult wedding decisions much easier.

Time Frame
Next, decide on an approximate time frame for your wedding day. Consider the season, family and friends (bridesmaids and groomsmen) schedules, and the amount of time you need to prepare. You may have a month or season in mind but, you need to narrow it down to a few dates in which you would be happy. A few different dates are needed to insure you are able to book the venue of your choice.

Some people say choosing a wedding dress is the biggest decision you will make for your wedding day, I say it is your venue. The venue sets the mood. For example, choosing a local park often signifies a casual tone, while getting married at Pacific Links International sets a more formal affair. No matter what your preference is for your wedding day, you need to book your venue right away. Venues often fill up quickly, especially during peak wedding season.

Photos and Flowers
After booking a venue the next two big choices you have are to choose a photographer and florist. Both the photographer and florist have a role in how your big day will be viewed. Whether it is capturing or enhancing your special day, their artistry should be a reflection of your tastes. Take the time to look through the photographers of their previous work and imagine the pictures and flowers are from your wedding. If you like them, you know you have a winner. Just like popular venues, popular photographers and florist book up quickly.

Your wedding day is a day you will always remember. A day where direction and planning have taken your dreams and turned them into reality. So, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy every moment along the way.

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