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Increasing The Value Of Your Home

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Kitchen Remodel

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. We came up with a list of some of the most common ways to get a great big bang for your buck. You will love your house with the new features and if you decide to sell you  can get a great return on your investment.

  • One of the things that attracts buyer to the home is the kitchen.  Having an updated kitchen is a great investment.  Countertops, material (wood, tile, stone, etc), and new appliances are the main attraction.  It doesn’t have to be new but it does have to be well kept.  Invest in a custom kitchen sink to add value to the home.
  • The other room that attracts buyers is the bathroom.  Separate showers, double sink, separate room for the toilet, great plumbing and working heater are examples of what buyers are looking for.  But as long as the bathroom is attractive and working buyers will come around.
  • Master suites are the new thing in houses.  Rooms with a bathroom, lounge area and walk-in closets are a must.
  • It does something to buyers to see natural material.  Hardwood floors, real granite, and ceramic tile–these natural materials will definitely put your house at the top of the pile.  Carpet must be kept up; it already has a bad reputation for being hard to clean.  Linoleum in bathrooms will tear up.
  • Looks matter.  The way a house looks on the outside will definitely get people to stop and smell the flowers.  Keep the grass cut and the outside walls clean.  Clean doors and sweep up driveways.
  • People love space and light in homes.  It makes a home look light, airy and spacious.  Dark houses turn people off; it shows them there is something to hide. Places with large areas to gather are fantastic place that people can gather.
  • Great windows are a must.  Windows take a beating in the wintertime because of the condensation buildup.  Insulated windows are a plus.  Keep those up to date.
  • Something that goes hand in hand with curb appeal is landscaping.  Keep the grass cut and have great outdoor space.  Blend in with the neighborhood theme.
  • Storage is another plus.  An oversized garage, plenty of closets and room to spare are the things buyers are looking for.  Master suites with his and her walk-in closets are a plus.
  • Basement space is a plus as well.  This is another area for a storage space or a room.  If it is filled with water problems it will take away from the home value.  It must be dry.
  • Pools are something many buyers look forward to especially in hotter climates. There are some people that get scared with the costs of having a pool but many buyers love it.

Doing a combination or any of these tips will help increase the value of your home.

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