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If you want to get social security disability for any reason, you are going to have to go through an initial application process. A lot of people realize that they have a disability and assume that they are going to be able to get online, apply for social security, and that they are automatically going to get a paycheck, or get approved. If it was like this, everyone would try to get social security, or at least a great deal of people that do not really need it. The reality is that there are so many people that are trying to get these types of benefits, that the system is absolutely over loaded. In fact, even if you do have a disability and can easily prove it with documentation and proof from doctors that you have visited in the past, as well as a host of diagnoses, you are going to get denied initially. This is to weed out people that are not really in desperate need of disability, but your lawyer will explain this to you.

However, if you do keep this in mind, there is no reason to wait to put in your application. What is going to happen when you apply for social security, is essentially a basic application that can be submitted online. At some point you are going to have to go and meet with a doctor, who is going to go over a very basic evaluation of your case. After this, you are almost positively going to get a denial letter in the mail, unless you have expedited benefits, which can be easily obtained if you have something that is obvious, such as a missing limb, or another major disability that does not really have to be diagnosed. You can think about applying online as the very first step of a very long process, so do not go online and apply for social security with the idea that you are going to automatically get your benefits.

A huge amount of people think that this is the way things work, and they simply end up getting disappointed and frustrated. To make things worse, a lot of people get the letter back in the mail that says they were denied and think that they are not going to get benefits. In reality, that person needs to go out and get themselves a great lawyer for proper representation, such as the qualified lawyers at Myler Disability, who can help with the case. An attorney will let you know that you need to expect these denials and that you are simply going to file an appeal with the court. In order to get your disability, most people are going to have to go in front of a court and show proof that they are disabled. This is most effective when a doctor is present, or when you have papers that prove you have a certain disability, which prevents you from doing work that you have done in the past.

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