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Managing Billing in your Company


Managing Billing in your Company

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Chargify Billing Management helps manage the billing for your business or organization, whether you bill your customers on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. They provide a way for your customers to be able to signup online and they also provide a log in portal where they can manage their accounts. Chargify sends out the statements and receipts to your customers. They also handle setup fees, renewal payments and trial periods based on a schedule you choose.

Chargify provides a company with a hosted payment page domain. After signing up for the domain page, you will be asked to log in and setup your merchant credentials. The hosted payment page URL you choose will be a sub-domain of Chargify. It is much easier to choose your company’s name for the domain.

At the business dashboard you are able to see a chart that shows any signups and cancellations that occurred during the last 30 days. The dashboard also allows you to see the customer’s monthly revenue and count within the last 12 months. It also allows you to view the previous and current month’s revenue for each of your products and any new customer signups. The activity log shows a chart of all activities at once.

Chargify makes it easy for your customers to signup online for billing. All they have to do is fill out a simple form and after they finish filling out the form, they can log in to Chargify. There is the option to charge the customer once or they can set up recurring payments for the product. If you have more than one product, Chargify will have a hosted signup page available for each product. There is the option to be able to customize the signup page to look more like your company’s website. This can be done by using your company’s logo and CSS. Chargify allows you to add a customer text field where you can collect the customers information, such as their name, address, phone number, etc.

Chargify Billing management allows you to manage customers that want to receive an invoice. They will be given the option to pay by check, wire transfers and many other payment options. Chargify will send invoices, to customer who prefer this option, by email. Once a payment is received you are able to keep track of whether a customer made a partial or full payment on their bill.

Chargify is a great way for managing billing in your company. They do the work of getting your customers to signup online and allow them the ability to make payments online. They will also send alerts to customers whose payment method fails to go through.

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