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Getting a Closer Shave


Getting a Closer Shave

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Getting a close shave will make a man feel fresh and clean, as does a shave at a King of Prussia barber. It will also make him look like he cares about his skin. He can make the shaving process an easier one and have a better experience by following some simple shaving tips. Smooth skin will give any man a closer and smoother shave.

The first step is to start out with hydrated skin. If he isn’t shaving in the shower, he needs to splash his face with warm water for three minutes to get it soft enough for the shave. The face should be clean and any excess dirt and oil should be removed. A scrub cleanser can be used to rid the skin of dead skin cells for a cleaner shave. A cleaner face will prevent nicks. The ideal way to shave is with a shave gel or cream. This prevents irritation from the razor, and also keeps razor burn at bay. Men with sensitive skin should let the gel or cream set for a couple of minutes before they starts to shave.

Clean razors should be used every time, or one that is still sharp and has been cleaned of all hair. Razors with multiple blades will give a better and closer shave. Pivoting heads offer a cleaner shave, as do spring mounted blades. Using a dull blade or a razor that belongs to someone else will cause many different problems, especially if there are nicks and cuts. Men should never use a razor that someone else has used. While going with the grain, light strokes should be used, as this is the best way to reach all of the hair. Putting pressure on the blade isn’t necessary to get a closer shave, as this will simply cause more cuts. The skin may need to be pulled taut in order to shave all of the hair in a certain area. The blades should be rinsed frequently to remove the hair and shaving cream from the blades, or this could cause more nicks.

To achieve a closer shave on hard to reach places on the face, the blade may need to be drawn against the grain of the growth of the hair. These are sometimes sensitive areas, so caution should be used. The nose is an area that is easily cut because of the inability to reach the hair underneath. These hard to reach places should be done last, after the rest of the face has been shaved. After the shaving process is finished, the face should be rinsed with cool water. This process seals the pores and will prevent any irritation that comes with shaving. After the skin is thoroughly dried, after shave lotion can be applied. These products work to condition the newly shaved skin and will prevent irritation, and they usually smell good. They moisturize the skin as well. Sometimes they are medicated and will prevent ingrown hairs.

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