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Decorating an Office


Decorating an Office

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An office should be professional. It should speak to a client and tell that person or group that the person or group is professional, efficient, and (most importantly) the best for the proposed job or task. Yes, offices must indeed be professional, but not impersonal. Offices with personal touches are more inviting, more welcoming, and convey a sense that the people working in the office are human. A successful office should always have personal touches.

Whether in Brighton Beach or in Boise office furniture is always easy to come by. There are office supply stores and catalogs that will furnish an entire office from stapler to desk and couch. This promotes office uniformity. Allowing employees to bring in their own lamps, plants, and photographs will promote a subtle but crucial sense of individuality. This improves both workplace morale and productivity.

There is also the option of allowing office employees to provide their own furniture. While the office will be less uniform, employees will take more pride in working in an office that they themselves have decorated. Of course this can get expensive, especially in terms of a large office with several employees. There are a few ways that this can be handled. The company can offer an up front decorating budget. If an employee exceeds that budget, he or she is responsible for the additional expenses out of pocket. This same sort of budget theory can be applied by reimbursing employees, up to a strict and specified amount, for their decorating expenses. As with petty cash, receipts would need to be provided. As with the up front budget, employees would be responsible for any money spent that is above the spent limit.

There are many places to buy office furniture, especially on a budget. Garage sales and estate sales, surprisingly, are a great place to start. Furniture in these places is often inexpensive, and is (frequently) in very good shape. These types of places are also great for tasteful lamps, and other small decorative items. Estate sales are very good places to look, since prices go down the longer the sale is open and, generally speaking, everything in the home must be sold. There are also higher end thrift and consignment shops that also sell desks, lamps, and other items that would be successful for decorating an office. Employees can decorate an amazing office and stay under budget.

Decorating an office can be inexpensive and rewarding, both for employees and employers. Employers can be assured of a more productive with an overall higher workplace morale. Employees can be happy to have an office that is truly their own. Both employer and employee can be reassured knowing that a good budget makes things financially comfortable for everyone.

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