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Your Son's College Wardrobe


Your Son’s College Wardrobe

Comments Off on Your Son’s College Wardrobe 16 October 2013

So, your son is going off to college. How can you help him put together that just-right college dorm closet? He may not think he wants or needs your help, but most mothers know a little oversight (and a few packs of new boxer briefs) wouldn’t hurt. Most college guys these days like to keep it comfortable and casual. Your best approach is classic, versatile and always made in USA clothing.

Despite the hot trends and bizarre fashion runway moments in men’s fashion these days, young men’s clothing has actually not changed too dramatically as far as the basic wardrobe pieces go: t-shirts and jeans, oxford button-downs and khakis, flat-front shorts and solid color polo shirts, a jacket, a good blazer. These are the items — with a made in USA clothing label — you need to help him pack for college. (He can also buy a sweatshirt with the college logo on it at the bookstore.)

For color choices, it is generally easier to care for a wardrobe that has dark “bottoms” so, except for a pair of khakis, go for darker color shorts and pants and add the lighter hues in the shirts. Some kids like to express their personalities with graphic tees or bright color palettes, but unless it’s his express choice, it is a good idea to avoid any slogans, labels or rock band names and keep it simple. Instead, focus on fit! Make sure the pants are the right length and the rise hits just below the natural waist. The shirts should be a little loose for comfort and style. Allow for some shrinkage with natural fabrics but remember that they breathe and look great most of the time. Think about climate difference and layers if he’s going somewhere cold. If he needs it, give your son a good lesson in laundry use and abuse and remind him that clean is the most important part of his wardrobe.
Finally, shoes. Almost anything goes on campus these days but please try to get him out of those flip-flops! Shoes are very much a personal choice, and comfort is key. Overall impression, however, is dependent on the whole picture, including feet.

Have a fun shopping trip and check those labels. Why does it matter where the clothing is made? Many reasons. Here’s one: quality. Young guys are pretty hard on their clothes. They should be made of good materials. They should be well fabricated to hold up to hard wear. They should be made where quality matters most. When you take him clothes shopping, add made in USA clothing to your list of important criteria for your son’s college wardrobe.

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